Recently, John Vering, Chris Tillery, and Jamie Maggard, attorneys with Seigfreid Bingham, P.C., secured a victory on appeal in a Missouri Human Rights Act case brought against their client Victor L. Phillips Company (“VLP”).

In the case, a former employee of VLP alleged she was subjected to sex and disability discrimination when VLP refused to permit her to return to work on light duty after a non-work-related injury and eventually filled her position with a male employee and terminated her employment. The Seigfreid Bingham team obtained summary judgment for VLP from the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri.  The employee appealed, and the Missouri Court of Appeals for the Western District upheld the Jackson County, Missouri trial court’s ruling on summary judgment in favor of VLP.

The case is titled Sundee Harris v. Victor L. Phillips Company, (Mo. App WD, October 29, 2019).