Seigfreid Bingham believes that having attorneys and staff from diverse backgrounds and cultures brings great benefits to a law firm and its clients.  We know that diversity not only enriches our lives, but improves our ability to serve clients.


We are committed to recruiting, developing and retaining attorneys and staff from all backgrounds.  Through our mentoring program and supportive work environment, we work hard to help our lawyers grow and advance in their careers, and find satisfaction in their work.


We are also committed to providing quality legal services to clients from all segments of the community.  Our attorneys participate in many organizations and activities that promote business opportunities and access to justice for everyone.


Seigfreid Bingham was one of the initial law firms that joined together with the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association to adopt a formal Commitment to Diversity to support and promote diversity throughout the Kansas City legal community.  Through the Diversity Action Plan that was adopted to implement that Commitment, Seigfreid Bingham has joined with local law firms, law schools and bar associations to establish and achieve goals for recruiting, training, mentoring, and retaining attorneys from diverse backgrounds.  We will continue to support efforts to increase diversity, not only within our firm, but throughout the region.


Further information on the Diversity Initiative and copies of the Commitment to Diversity and the Diversity Action Plan are available at http://www.kcmba.org/Special_Events/diversity.htm.