Lori A. Beam


Lori Beam assists hospitals, physicians and other health care providers focus on the delivery of quality patient care by helping them recruit and retain the services of health professionals as owners, employees and independent contractors, establish managed care contracts with government and commercial health plans, purchase or lease real property and equipment, and perform other business functions in the highly regulated health care industry.  Major areas of experience include:  Selling and acquiring healthcare businesses, forming group practices and joint ventures including formation and governance documents and buy-sell agreements, negotiating and developing employment and independent contractor agreements with physicians and other health professionals, establishing and implementing compliance programs addressing a broad range of laws including Anti-Kickback/Stark laws, HIPAA and state licensing requirements, and developing clinical trial research and research management agreements.


Lori also helps advertising agencies, retail companies, sports and entertainment providers and others develop and conduct promotions that comply with applicable laws and industry guidelines and establish business relationships that support those advertising, marketing and promotion efforts.  Major areas of experience include:  negotiating and drafting agency agreements; clearing advertising and promotions plans, materials and practices; drafting endorsements and sponsorship agreements; structuring and registering lawful sweepstakes, contests, coupons and other promotions; developing lawful direct mail, telemarketing and e-mail campaigns; and negotiating database development, hosting and content licensing and other marketing-related and IT agreements.

Professional Affiliations:

The Central Exchange; Kansas City Direct Marketing Association; Greater Kansas City Society of Health Care Attorneys (Past President and Secretary); Lawyers Association of Kansas City (Past Treasurer and Director), American Bar Association (Health Law Section).